Anna Hughes. Creative Headhunter. Chelsea

I love looking at my pic of Jim in Blackpool; he makes me smile everyday. I always wonder where Jim in his jazzy electric pink suit was going on that slate grey, miserable Blackpool evening. Where ever he's off to I'm sure it's to entertain & make someone smile whether it's in a northern seaside town or in a kitchen in Chelsea. Jim never fails to attract questions from friends & family & I wish I could tell them his story as I'm sure it would be as colourful as his great suit.

Tom Cox husband of Carol. Solicitor. Putney

Many thanks Memory Papers, every year I fret over buying my wife Caroline something for her birthday. I went out on what I thought was a limb and choose one of the abstract series, mainly for the colours.Caroline joked about how i can get her taste in art so right but taste in clothes so wrong! Anyway thanks again for making her birthday special. We're both chuffed.

Bill Langton. Accountant. Brighton

I love the mood of the shots and quality of the printing, to be honest i didn't expect it to be so high, so was thrilled, The three prints of Natural Landscape sit so well together as a unit along my hallway, The work certainly sets a precedence for my home.

Kim Marchmant. Shoreditch. London

The prints sit under our bed because we're not sure where to put them just yet. I actually like unwrapping them and looking at them and then putting them back safely I think well move next spring so I guess they'll get pride of place in our new home. Anyway thanks and happy shooting.

Laura Dickinson, UCL

I picked up one of your postcards in my local boozer and thought that's nice! I'll check out the site, So I'm now saving up for a limited edition print and some of those lovers postcards, nice idea buy the way. Any chance of a student discount?

Dr. M Sapochnik. Haringey

My print hangs on my living room wall. It makes me laugh every time I see it. Its Darth after a heavy night on the town. He was on his way home and James stopped him and asked for a shot, and he couldn't be bothered to argue. You can see it in his eyes. That's the story I tell myself. I chose it because I couldn't get it out of my head after first saw it. I used to think about it walking down the street and start laughing. So I thought I better hang it on my wall. I think I find it so funny because it makes Darth a human being. I love James' work because every shot instantly clicks on a story in my head.

Joanna Buck Property Management. Kentish Town

James' photographs are attractive and thoughtful, with a touch of humour and a little dose of reality.

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